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Pro-Vent Geo System
Ground Heat Exchanger PROVENT-GEO
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Mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery based on heat exchanger PROVENT-GEO
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Brochure with information about ground heat exchanger PROVENT-GEO

principle of heat exchanger operation

Geo Provent plate ground heat exchanger is not a type of a gravel exchanger. Only those that do not understand the idea of operation of these exchangers may say so. The former are included in the group of diaphragm-free exchanger i.e. air directly contacts the ground, but its structure is completely different than in case of a gravel exchanger. It is the different structure that proves its innovation, whereas excellent operating parameters (heating and cooling) make it an indispensable passive and energy-saving device in construction industry.

The air we need for ventilation of rooms is taken through a ground air intake which should be located in the place where a pollution level is as low as possible, a long way from roads, car parks, etc. It is transported to the ground heat exchanger through a pipe with an antibacterial insert. Here, depending on the temperature, the air is heated up or cooled down.

Geo Provent plate heat exchanger is intended for continuous operation. Owing to its excellent parameters, it requires no time for regeneration, which is confirmed by temperature diagrams presented at our website. Even hygienic considerations make continuous operation of the heat exchanger highly recommended. Air movement also prevents growth of microbes and fungi.

The Ground Heat Exchanger PRO-VENT GEO consists of a system of modules of specially developed plates whose design ensures so called diaphragm-free (i.e. in a direct contact with the ground) air flow inside the heat exchanger. After thermal processing in the heat exchanger, the air is transported through an outlet duct to a ventilated building. The design of the whole heat exchanger has been developed so as to achieve minimum resistance to air for maximum efficiency.

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